What's The Plan?


McGinnis MICA Medical is a new business model. I am a "portable"  nurse practitioner I will see you at a location you choose (I reserve  the right to determine if the location is not appropriate for medical  examinations.) 

This is not a "mobile" clinic in  that I do not have a RV or other vehicle that I will perform the exams  in. I will do house calls, some people qualify for a house call from  their insurance and I can provide that. This is NOT a home health  business in that the services provided are similar to what would be done  in a private providers office. In essence, the portable nurse  practitioner practices in a clinic without walls. Depending on the  location, a travel fee may apply. Telemedine option now available for a  fee.

I am looking forward to seeing you and discussing your and or your childrens medical needs! 

Please contact me for more information and to schedule an appointment.


McGinnis Mica Medical 

We Provide Medical Visits Outside The office With A Portable Nurse Practitioner